An independent Penparcau?

During the 2012, some candidates stood on the manifesto of forwarding the case for Penparcau forming its own Community Council and splitting away from Aberystwyth Town Council.

The process would require a creation of a petition and at the level of around 300 signatories – Ceredigion County Council would have to decide whether to hold a referendum. If sufficient people want to vote in favour, it could be a reality very soon.

There are advantages to this in that we would be able to control the level of council tax and the spending of the council would be directly spent on the area.

However, the disadvantage would be that we would have no voice on what would happen in the town. In the past, there has been talk that the level of spending by the town council on projects such as the Adizone has been heavier than the level of taxes being collected.

It is time to have an honest debate about whether the current structure is working and we would love to hear your views.