Isafswm cyflog / Minimum wage

Mae’r Comisiwn Cyflogau Isel wedi argymell cynnydd o 3% yn yr isafswm cyflog i £6.50 yr awr i oedolion, dywedodd Ysgrifennydd Busnes Vince Cable wrth Aelodau Seneddol. Bydd yr isafswm cyflog yn debygol o gynyddu ar y 1af o Hydref 2014.

Dywedodd Mr Cable fyddai’r cynnydd cyntaf mewn termau real ers 2008 os bydd y llywodraeth yn derbyn y cynnig.

The Low Pay Commission has recommended a 3% increase in the minimum wage to £6.50 an hour for adults, Business Secretary Vince Cable has told MPs.

Mr Cable said it would be the first increase in real terms since 2008 if the government accepts the proposal.

The minimum wgae is likely to raise on the 1st of October 2014.

Spiritual friendship in harmony (friendship group)

Event being held on Friday, 14th of March 2014 – 7 pm
Quaker Hall, Penparcau, Aberystwyth

They are having spiritual freedom to seek your own spiritual path in the company of like minded people.
They are an informal group of people all seeking our spiritual path we are: –

” Not a church or religious group”
or anything to do with Aberystwyth spiritualist church
or the quakers we just using venue

We are ordinary people finding our way in the best way we can and what better way than a freiindship group where we can discuss and share with each other this is not spiritualist its spiritual ,all done in positive love and light and no negative energy will be welcome
As we are not a church group
all denominations will be welcome

There will be a charge of £2 to cover cost of room and teas and coffee x

Da iawn Llwyn yr Eos

Llongyfarchiadau mawr i Ysgol Llwyn yr Eos ar gael adroddiad Estyn da iawn. Gallwch ddarllen copi o’r adroddiad ar wefan Estyn. Diolch yn fawr i’r holl athrawon am eu holl waith.…1/inspection-report-ysgol-llwyn-yr-eos-2013/?

Parking issues in Heol Tynyfron

It has been pointed out that there are major issues in relation to cars being parked by the flats which result in problems turning from the main road. We want to avoid accidents where possible. We’ve spoken to Tai Ceredigion regarding completing the external works around the flats. We’ve also spoken to Ceredigion County Council highways department regarding possible new yellow lines.

If you have any suggestions regarding what can be done, please contact either of the councillors.