Tea Party/ Te Parti

Marie Curie Tea Party – ysiopleol, Pier Street Aberystwyth- Saturday, 26th of April 2014 between 2pm and 4pm. Welcome to all.
Te Parti Marie Currie -Sadwrn 26 o Ebrill 2014 rhwng 2 a 4 y prynhawn yn y Siop Leol, Heol y Wig, Aberystwyth. Croeso i bawb.

Campaign for a safer crossing in Penparcau

Ceredigion’s Plaid Cymru AM Elin Jones has written to the Transport Minister at the Welsh Government to urge the Trunk Roads Agency to investigate whether road safety can be improved on the busy main road in Penparcau.

In the centre of the village, there is currently a traffic island on the main road between the Memorial Hall and St. Anne’s Church. However, the A487 between Southgate and the roundabout at the park in Penparcau is one of the busiest roads in Ceredigion, and residents are concerned about increasing traffic and danger at the site.

Local county councillor Lorrae Jones-Southgate has lobbied for safety improvements at the site, having previously worked with the police and local authority to secure a traffic survey, and has also taken up the issue with the Transport Minister.

Elin Jones, local Plaid Cymru AM for Ceredigion, said,

“This is the natural crossing place for hundreds of residents in Southgate and Penparcau. It’s also widely-used by children walking to school from Piercefield and Maesycrugiau. I’m encouraged by the Welsh Government’s recent willingness to look afresh at road safety at schools which are near trunk roads. Penparcau certainly needs to be addressed, to get the right balance between improving safety and ensuring the flow of traffic in this busy location.”

Lorrae Jones Southgate, county councillor for Penparcau ward, said,

“Looking again at road safety at this site would be of huge benefit to so many people. It’s a very heavily-used crossing place, as it’s right next to the entrance of the Church and the Memorial Hall.

“It’s also the most convenient place for many children to cross to go to school at Llwyn-yr-Eos, and will be used more an more as new homes are developed in places such as Maescrugiau. Traffic is exceptionally busy here.

“It’s time to look again at what can be done to improve safety, and I hope the Minister look into the feasibility of a proper pelican crossing at the site instead of the current traffic island.”