Dyfodol Strategol Aberystwyth/ Aberystwyth Strategic Future

The date for the Engagement Event with the Strategic Regeneration Board has been confirmed as Monday 24th June 2-7pm at Canolfan Morlan, Aberystwyth.

The intention is to highlight the regeneration activities (past, present and future) to the town’s residents. Officials from the Welsh Government and the Council will be there on the day to talk through the projects and answer any queries. The day will not only focus on RA activities solely but will aim to pull together a range of partners involved in the wider regeneration of the town. Please try and attend and give your view on how to develop the town.

I’ch hysbysu y bydd Bwrdd Adfywio Aberystwyth Digwyddiad Rhannu Gwybodaeth ar Ddydd Llun 24ain o Fehefin 2-7yp yng Nghanolfan Y Morlan, Aberystwyth.

Y bwriad yw i arddangos gweithgareddau adfywio i drigolion y dref. Bydd swyddogion o Lywodraeth Cymru a’r Cyngor ar gael i siarad am y gweithgareddau ac i ymateb i unrhyw gwestiynau. Bydd y diwrnod nid yn unig yn canolbwyntio ar weithgareddau yr Ardal Adfywio ond hefyd yn clymu i fewn gyda gweithgareddau adfywio ehangach. Plis dewch i drafod sut y gellir datblygu y dref ymhellach.

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