Bus Consultation

Following the Bus Funding Review undertaken during 2012, each Welsh Regional Transport Consortium is responsible for managing and administering the new Regional Transport Services Grant (RTSG) in its area and is also required by the Welsh Government to prepare and submit a Bus and Community Transport Network Strategy.

The purpose of the Network Strategy is to allow us to collectively prioritise public transport expenditure by providing an overview of the existing network (for both commercial and supported bus services) and to establish objectives and priorities for the network. To meet the requirements of the Welsh Government, the Network Strategy must be submitted to the Minister/ Welsh Government by 17 January 2014.

TraCC wishes to consult with stakeholders and delivery partners between now and 30 September.

Once they have heard what you think of the draft Network Strategy, thwy will consider the responses and make any changes to the document during the Autumn. The TraCC Board will then be asked to consider and approve the final version for submission to the Welsh Government.

You can complete our on-line Consultation Questionnaire or email your comments to busstrategyconsultation@hyderconsulting.com .

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