Community garden/Allotment Update

Aberystwyth and Penparcau Town Council met last night. Over the last four years, the town council has worked on obtaining more land from the county council to develop allotments.  Two years ago, Ceredigion County Council assigned a lease for 25 year to the town council for land on Fifth Avenue.

A public meeting was held on the 25th of September to discuss this with residents. As a result of this consultation, and taking into consideration some of their concerns, we have agreed to give 12 months to develop a community garden instead of allotments. This is on the condition that the community group become a properly constituted body and if Ceredigion County Council allow the lease condition to be varied.
This will be a compromise, but hopefully, local residents will be able to use the community garden for leisure and growing, rather than a closed off area.
We will be in discussion with the residents of how to set up the group and where they can obtain grant. Can you help? Would you be interested in helping to develop this site as community garden? Please contact us.

One thought on “Community garden/Allotment Update

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