Comisiynwyr Heddlu a Throsedd/ Police and Crime Commissioner

Tomorrow will see the election of Police and Crime Commissioners. In Dyfed Powys, we have a choice between Christine Gwyther (Labour) and Conservative Christopher Salmon. So far, I have not had any correspondence from either. Nobody has knocked my door. Mr Salmon had an advert in this week Cambrian News, otherwise, I would not know his name. It has been a very uneventful campaign.

The choice is however much more difficult than it would seem at first glance. Some want to spoil their vote and send a message to Westminster that politics should not be politisiced. I am sceptical about whether this will be the case.

The truth remains that the police commissioner will have significant resources to communicate with the public and liaise with the electorate. This seems to be funding the major parties by the back door. Dyfed Powys will have 5 “research and administrative posts” linked to the role of police commissioner to promote their work. Either way you vote, you will be committing the tax payer to a significant increase in funding for political parties.

A photograph showing a few sheets of stickers saying 'no to police and crime commissioners'.

A photograph showing a few sheets of stickers saying ‘no to police and crime commissioners’. Na i gomisiynwyr yr heddlu a throseddu.

Choose carefully.

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