Lorrae Jones-Southgate

Cynghorydd Lorrae Jones-Southgate

I was born and educated in the small university and rural town of Lampeter. My parents established a family business spanning forty years. One of seventeen grandchildren on my late father’s south Walian family, and one of six grandchildren on my mother’s side of the family.


From this happy childhood and very family-orientated background is where I established my core roots of the importance of loyalty of family and friends, that all you wish to achieve in life is achievable through hard work only.


My move to Aberystwyth was to be for one year and I have remained, and have had the privilege of meeting my most dear and lifelong friends.


I’m the proud mother of a daughter of 24 years and a son of 21 years of age – both educated at St Padarn Catholic School and followed onto Penglais School. Both went on to Higher Education.

My life diversified into the health sector these past twenty years, where my passion for the nursing care of others is of immense importance to me – especially the care and welfare of the elderly, being very close to my heart.

It’s very important to ensure time for hobbies and interests. I enjoy very much the team comradeship of being part of the Aberystwyth Ladies Longboat Rowing Team where we achieved the Celtic Challenge Arklau – Aberystwyth and the success of the London River Race and racing in the Pembrokeshire Ladies League.

My interest is very much in politics, where I have been studying a politics degree at Aberystwyth University. I enjoy relaxing walks with my beloved ‘Tomos’ – a Yorkshire Terrier – and being a chorister at St Michael’s Church.

During these earlier years because of my strong beliefs, I felt strongly that local people needed better representation, and thus became involved in the political arena, became and Aberystywth Town Councillor and school Governor.

I had the privilege of becoming consort to the Mayor, the Councillor John T James, between 2003 – 2004, and 2004 – 2005. Myself, becoming a proactive Deputy Mayor in 2006 – 2007, then rose to the position of Aberystwyth Mayor 2007 – 2008. Actively involved in all that was important in Aberystwyth and Penparcau, working alongside all invaluable voluntary sectors, clubs and societies.

Attended over 200 functions and travelling the country and to Europe representing the people of Aberystwyth and Penparcau, which was a humbling experience and immense privilege.

Representing the people of both Aberystwyth and Penparcau was an honour, to be a voice when needed.

I strongly believe a voice is needed in the Community of Penparcau to ensure that all people, young and old, are well represented. Someone who cares, who will work tirelessly on their behalf to the best of her ability. Being fluent in the Welsh language is a great advantage, especially in the elderly of the community.

Lorrae is County Councillor for the Penparcau Ward, Aberystwyth who was born and raised in Lampeter but moved to Aberystwyth 40 years ago.

Lorrae is a fluent Welsh speaker who has spent the past 20 years working in the Health Sector and has worked in the ‘Political Arena’ for many years having been Consort to the Mayor of Aberystwyth for 2 years, Deputy Mayor and then The Lady Mayor of Aberystwyth. During this time she studied Politics at Aberystwyth University. Lorrae was an Aberystwyth Town Councillor for 5 years prior to becoming a County Councillor of Penparcau Ward of which she is immensely proud.

“My work as a County Councillor presents many challenges of which I enjoy all. Housing is a major daily challenge and have worked relentlessly in this area since my election on behalf of the Residents. I am honoured and privilaged to have been elected onto the Board of Tai Ceredigion and look forward to working with the Executive and Board Members to achieve the best provision of Service and Care to the Tenants of Tai Ceredigion.”